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November 3, 2012

Norton Records’ warehouse flooded

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One of the saddest pieces of news I heard about the recent Sandy-related flooding was of the destruction of much of the stock at the Red Hook warehouse of Brooklyn-based Norton Records, a wonderful label that has issued many albums and singles of blues, R&B, rockabilly and garage rock. Fortunately Norton’s headquarters in another part of Brooklyn were unaffected, and I’ll posting about how you can support the label by buying records from them once they sort things out.

The production of Highway 61 was also affected: our longtime engineer Eric Feldman lives in the East Village, and he was without power for several days–the magic of modern technology allows us to produce the show in both Oxford and NYC, and then send it down to Jackson. We’ll be back with a new “stormy weather” themed show next week. Here’s Eric’s wonderful video blog, Portrait of a Record Dealer, which features a film he’s made about the legendary record collector/seller “Ozy” and his travels across the South.

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